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10% Pawns

Step 1 – Bring in any item for your free appraisal

Bring in almost anything of value to any of our locations. Tell us how much you are looking for, and if your collateral meets or exceeds the value of the appraisal, you walk out with cash in hand! Yes, it is that simple. You must be the lawful owner of any property you are attempting to pawn; we are part of a highly regulated industry and report each and every transaction to law enforcement on a daily basis. You will need to bring valid, government-issued picture identification, such as a driver’s license or state issued ID card, passport, or military ID. All clients must be at least 18 years of age and are required to fill out a pawn contract, which must be both signed and fingerprinted.

Jewelry: All gold (including scrap), will be appraised by weight, using a legal-for-trade scale, and assessed for purity. Luxury watches will be graded on condition and authenticity. Diamonds will be graded according to cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. All testing will be performed in your presence, and at no risk to the safety or condition of your valuables. Keep in mind that the price of gold fluctuates daily, and price is determined by the market. At Queen of Pawns, we are always up to date, and we guarantee the best available price. For rare or unique diamonds, please call to schedule an appointment with one of our GIA certified experts.

Electronics: If you want to pawn electronics, we suggest adding as much value as possible to your loan. That means including any accessories, cables, and manuals. In fact, whenever possible, bring in the original packaging. The closer a product is to it’s original, in-store appearance, the higher the appraisal. All electronic devices will be powered on and tested to ensure that they function properly.

Vehicles: Yes, we accept cars, motorcycles and other vehicles as collateral too!To get a loan on your vehicle, make sure the title is clean, clear and current. There must be no lien notations for a certificate of title to be acceptable. Florida law forbids pawnshops from issuing title loans; this means that for the duration of the loan, we will need to keep possession of both the title and the vehicle.Our appraisal and offer is based on the results of a title check, visual inspection, test drive, and pricing from the Kelley Blue Book. Your vehicle will be safely stored and kept at one of our locations.

Step 2 – We Give You Instant Money

We are a family owned business with a legacy that dates back nearly 50 years, and our job is to lend you money. The process is simple: we make you an offer based on a second-hand market appraisal; if you decide to take the offer, we give you cash immediately. You have 60 days to redeem your property; our finance charge is the lowest of the industry, a position we’ve maintained since 1995. We place no limits on the dollar amount of our loans, so we can help you meet your needs, great or small. Additionally, while in our care, your property remains yours. We fully insure and protect your property with 24/7 video surveillance, and keep all jewelry, gold, diamonds and watches under lock and key in our state of the art vault. We now also offer free text message reminder. We want you to feel comfortable pawning with us, so let us know what we can do to help.

Step 3 – Extend or Redeem Your Valuables

We want you to be reunited with your property, but we understand that life occasionally intervenes. If you need additional time, don’t worry, you can extend the term of your loans as long as you need. To extend your terms, just bring in your photo ID and receipt, and make the finance charge fee for the next thirty days; it’s as simple as that. When you’re ready to redeem your property, bring in your receipt and photo ID, and we will courteously return your items. Just remember, only the person named on the receipt cam redeem pawned merchandise. In the event you do not wish to reclaim your property, have no fear. Your credit won’t suffer, and you will face no penalties for opting out of your loan.

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